At Tubism, we started our journey knowing that the earth is not inherited from our ancestors but borrowed from our children. Enduring humanity’s struggle to understand her love, the earth continues to display forgiveness through the fragrance a flower sheds on the heel that has crushed it. As human beings with the privileged gifts of will power and intention, we can return the earth’s loveTM.


Tubism is a physical manifestation of the people behind it. Nurtured through a deep emotional connection, to us, it is the result of a series of challenges overcome; challenges that reflected changes needed in ourselves. The personal recalibration that this product drives is the reason why we stand behind each tube with our heart and soul. It’s not entirely about the tube; it’s about what we stand for and what we’re doing about it that reflects on the product. For every resealing tube that we make and you reuse, we collectively help the earth recuperate.


As we continue to develop more earth friendly products to ease her burden, what we are beginning to discover, understand and learn is that we don’t own the earth; the earth owns us. Yet, not once has she said to us, “You owe me!” Let’s return that boundless love with practical actions driven by hope, harmony and peace. Let’s do this now. Not tomorrow, not after breakfast. Now.